Relief For Ida Victims

Calling All Hands!

Like many of you, we have family and friends who Hurricane Ida has already impacted. Sadly, it’s still on its path of destruction. We are taking the liberty to jump-start circulating links to credible organizations already helping with relief efforts.

Below are links to the organizations we’ve found so far. Please use these links if you need to be rescued, need supplies, would like to donate, or would like to volunteer.

Would you please share this to help those in need?


We do not condone fraud. If we list an organization with a provable history of misappropriating funds, please let us know! We will happily expose them and remove them from our list. Also, if you know of an unlisted reputable organization, please message us to add them!

This article will be updated as needed.

Margaret Cecile

Margaret Cecile

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