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Who is Daniel Louis Crumpton?

Daniel Louis Crumpton, author of the groundbreaking novel Then Came the Flood (Westbow Press), has written extensively since his debut in 2012 in philosophy, spirituality, alternative history, and politics with a complete lack of reverence or dogmatism that those areas often demand. His writing has been featured on ZENINTHECAR.COM, OCHELLI.COM, DOWNLOADEDCONTENT.COM, amongst many others.      Daniel’s views, ideas, insights, and humorous perspectives on current social and political issues have been heard on internationally and nationally syndicated radio broadcasts such as Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, Lighting the Void with Joe Rupe, The Ochelli Effect with Chuck Ochelli, The Vinny Eastwood Show and Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Daniel Louis Crumpton’s ongoing experimental, introspective, and conscious streamed writings, podcasts, videos, and interviews can be found collected at D.L. Crumpton is also well known for his charitable work with the CannaSense Total Wellness Collective.

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