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Yes! LMR’s Back!

Location: Global

That’s right, folks. You’re reading it right! The one name in Liberty you know you can trust. As we’ve done before, we are back to giving you the uncensored, unbiased truth, free of corporate sponsors and partnerships!    Are you psyched? We know we sure are! You asked for it, and we’re delivering. It’s time to bring America back to her roots, so she can continue to shine as the Beacon of Liberty for the entire World!

About Liberty Movement Radio

Founded in 2012 by Eric Pitts, Liberty Movement Radio served as a hub for Freedom-loving Americans who found solidarity behind then-US Congressman from TX Ron Paul and the Tea Party Movement. As the Liberty Movement began to deteriorate in America, LMR faded into the background.

The Liberty Movement grew stagnant during the Trump Administration. But those involved in Liberty Movement Radio knew they could never let go of the name.

Today, after the radical-left Biden Administration was ushered in by highly-criticized elections, which many people on both sides believe were fraudulent, the rapid implementation of a communist agenda is more evident than ever before.

After almost two years of draconian quarantines for an alleged virus that has never been isolated, the pushing of a “vaccine” agenda that is harming people of all ages in record numbers, with businesses permanently shuttered, families displaced, and global chaos ensuing, citizens are hitting the streets to report what the mainstream media refuses to show – only to find themselves censored by the Big-Tech Giants.

Just as we have provided many outlets to notify millions of people before, we’re back with a vengeance! Many believe we are currently living through a biblical point in Human History. The world has gone supercritical, and we’re here to fill the void once again! We know that America is the shining beacon of Liberty for the entire World. We know how important it is to make sure Liberty doesn’t fall. Sadly, we are at war, and global Freedom is on the line. This time, we will finish what we started! Fortunately, we have already won. It’s now a matter of the other side coming to terms with the situation they created!

We want to give a big shout-out to the great Patriots that are risking everything by stepping up to the plate during the most trying of times. We love you! You are the reason America is so great, and the entire world knows it!

Now Introducing:
The LMR Crew!

romika annabell

Romika Annabell

Actress, World Traveler & Independent Journalist

romika annabell

Jeff O’Toole

Researcher, Videographer & Leader of WeAreChange Melbourne

romika annabell

James Wilson

Father, Activist, Published Author & LMR Writer

romika annabell

The Infamous Kim Shady

Independent Researcher, Writer & Blogger

romika annabell

Brandon Immel

Liberty Advocate, Artist & Investigative Journalist

romika annabell

Robb Revere

Father, Activist, Talk Show Host & Founder of Revere Radio Network

romika annabell

Tatiana Moroz

Singer/Songwriter, Activist, Entrepreneur & Bitcoin Evangelist

romika annabell

Cherilyn Morgan

Veteran, Nurse, Researcher & Writer

romika annabell

Margaret “Cill” Cecile

Owner, CEO & Station Manager

romika annabell

Kevin Gilman

Reporter, Videographer, Documentarian & Writer

romika annabell

Daniel Louis Crumpton

Author, Musician, Philosopher, Activist & Entrepreneur

romika annabell

Mike “King” Ward

CTO/Webmaster, Entrepreneur & Techie

Affiliates & Partners

A special thank you goes out to our affiliates and partners. Without you, none of this would be possible.

We are proud of the small, medium, and large, family-owned businesses that support and promote Liberty.

Instead of dealing with the big-box stores, we humbly ask that you patronize the businesses that support your freedoms! The American Spirit wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for the entrepreneurial spirit of those who make it all possible!    By using our affiliate links, you can save yourself some money, support American small businesses,
and support the most important cause there is…

Liberty for ALL!

Liberty Movement Radio is Located in:

Corporate HQ: Mobile, AL, USA

  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Florida, USA
  • Minnesota, USA
  • Kentucky, USA
  • Utah, USA
  • Ohio, USA
  • New Jersey, USA
  • And Growing!
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