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Rebel Love Show

With: Robert Mathias & Shire Dude

Spreading the Love of a Liberated World.

Page Against the Machine

With: Jordan Page

Liberty rocker activist Jordan Page hosts a brand new show on Liberty Movement Radio every Tuesday night

The Conscious Resistance

With: Derrick Broze

Wednesday 4pm – 5pm EST
TCR focuses on current events, philosophy, spirituality, and solutions! . Leading by example and helping others in their pursuit of freedom.

In Case of Emergency

With: Don Pontious

Sunday’s @ 5pm – 7pm EST
In Case Of Emergency is a show for preppers, beginning preppers, and with preparedness in mind.

The Week in Review

With: Kevin Harris

Sunday 7pm – 10pm EST
Wrapping up the weeks news with a comical over tone a cavalcade of co-hosts and some amazing guests & overall fun.

The Johnny Rocket Launch Pad

With: Johnny Rocket Adams

Friday 5pm – 7pm EST
Bringing the party to the libertarian party! The northwest only rock ‘n roll libertarian radio show.


With: Neil Radimaker

Freedominance is a show where listeners can analyze living free vs being dominated by coercive force.
Coming Soon!

The Rundown Live

With: Mike Paczesny & Kristan Harris

Mon – Fri 9pm – 10am EST / 6pm – 7pm PST
Covering news and conspiracy that your local news won’t and having some of the most liberty minded guests around.

I Take Liberty With My Coffee

With: Bobby Rodrigo

Wednesday 7pm – 9pm EST
Advocating engagement and coalitions Bobby points out that the Constitution is the Rule of Law in our land and why it should remain so.

On Fire Radio Show

With: Daryl Mikell Brooks, Joe Siano & Neil Schloss.

Sat 6pm – 7pm EST
On Fire Radio Show is New Jersey’s independent political talk forum, featuring the grassroots voices of liberty minded activists throughout the state and U.S.A.

Keepin It A Hunnid

With: Diedre B

Wednesday 5pm – 7pm EST

The Magic Button

With: Eric Bell

Thursday 10pm – 12am EST
If there was a magic button that could end the state immediately. Would you press it?

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LMR is 100% ran and operated by our team of dedicated volunteers. We help those with the liberty message and in return they help us. LMR not only produces its own great content, we run syndicated broadcast from many activist around the world. If you have a production you would like to share broadcast it on LMR we are more than happy to re-broadcast your content. If you would like to help LMR continue to operate please “donate“.

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Who we are?

Liberty Movement Radio started as the brainchild of Eric Pitts in 2010 during the Presidential campaign of Ron Paul. Today, it is now in the hands of liberty activist Margaret Cecile. Margaret has poured her heart and soul into reviving LMR. LMR is constantly expanding. We aim to bring a fresh new look into the future of independent radio broadcasting.

We will strive to make LMR better than ever! LMR is a place where activists can gather to share knowledge, experiences, stories and advice. All while helping advance the ideas of liberty and our universal personal freedoms. We are a community with the news you will not get anywhere else, you will not hear state sponsored propaganda on LMR. We are Real Radio for real people. Join us!

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